• Paraguayan Association of Brangus Breeders (ACBP)

  • International Association of Law Insurance (AIDA), Paraguay Section

  • Paraguayan Association of Seed Producers (APROSEMP)

  • Female Association of Executives of Tourism Companies (AFEET)

  • Paraguayan Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism Companies (ASATUR)

  • Paraguayan Association of Control Auditing of IT Systems (APACSI)

  • Paraguayan Chamber of Transport of Valuables and Moneys (CAPATRAVALSEP)

  • Paraguayan Chamber of Diary Industrials (CAPAINLAC)

  • Law, Economics and Politics Study Center (CEDEP)

  • French Embassy

  • Peroni, Sosa, Tellechea, Burt & Narvaja Law Firm

  • Tierra Nuestra Foundation– Camino Francisco

  • Plan International – Paraguay Chapter

  • Bar of Paraguayan Notaries

  • TACA Airlines

  • TTS VIAJES, Buenos Aires Argentina

  • Paraguayan Touring & Automobile Club (TACPY) – Ruta Jesuítica

Come See Paraguay

Paraguay is a country where nature blends with history. Its exuberance stems from the richness of its soil and subsoil, forests and fields, translucent sky, breezes and waterways; from the diversity of races of its inhabitants; from the struggles that take place within its frontiers; from its archetypal men and women and its multitudes.

The assortment, quality and singularity of the attractions of this country make it a destination of seduction for tourists.



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